Business Consulting

StrategicIsite is a strategic management firm that will assist you with defining your enterprise, department or team vision; and strategic intent and resource alignment to deliver value to your customers and employees.


Heuristic Learning provides enterprise business and technology professional development that includes Data Science, Project Management, and Business Analysis programs. We create customized curriculum designed specifically for your enterprise.

Technology Consulting

eblackwidow provides your enterprise with data management and analysis services from collection to visualization. We assist you with developing a data strategy and governance to ensure that your stakeholders are provided with quality data to drive decision-making.

Conversational Learning

Coffee Cup Conversations provides an alternative path to learning. We deliver micro-learning that focuses on individual topics in short sessions. Excellent approach to acquiring and applying knowledge.

Entrepreneurial Development

Sketched on a Napkin provides you an environment and resources to transform your ideas into reality. Our entrepreneurial culture fosters an environment of creative collaboration where you think, learn, teach and share.

Executive Education

Strategos Academy provides executives and entrepreneurs leadership, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurial professional development. You will gain the ability to strategically lead your organization or team to create and deliver.

Personal Development

Field of Dreams provides tools for your personal development.

Talent Management

ANEW Professional is an employment solutions firm that partners with you to develop and execute your talent management strategy. We provide qualified Executive Management, Strategy, Data Science, Project Management professionals.

Health & Wellness

Two Fit To Quit partners with your organization to design and develop health and wellness programs. A healthier organization is more productive, performs better, has higher morale, and is likely to reduce health-related expenses.


Relation Ships Yacht Charters is a unique cruise company providing theme charters which cover a variety of life events and milestones. Reward your team with a memorable Champion Ship charter experience.


Taste Me Please catering creates themed events comprised of distinctive menus and decorations to commemorate your special occasions.


Virgin Tongue creates unique cocktails and mocktails for your event. Enhance the experience of your guests.


Poet Tree Cafe makes it easy for you to support the arts by bringing the arts to your organization. Host an "open mic" to increase patrons in your eatery, showcase paintings to jazz up your lobby, or treat your employees to sounds of live music.

Literary Management

I Had a Happy Productions is a literary and content management firm. We assist you in developing your literary works or we will create content for you.


Unlimited Peace Orchestra is a collaborative effort of freelance musicians performing for world peace.                                      


The Opportunity Brokers, people helping people.


HL360 is a community of Heuristic Learning learners who share their knowledge.

Real Estate

Red Brick Projects invests in the development of eco-friendly, sustainable properties.

Professional Development

APEX CAPSTONE is the premiere resource for the continuous development of professionals.

Professional Development

Professional Education Network (PEN) is a business and education integrator of programs and services.

Performance Management

Xcellere Professional Performance Management (XPPM) is an eLearning and assessment application.

Professional Education Network (PEN)

We practice what we teach. We perfect what we practice. We teach what we perfect.®

PEN is a strategic alliance between our education & training, consulting firms, and talent management entities. PEN's objective is to ensure a comprehensive, integrated offering of relevant professional development services to create a high-performance workforce. PEN includes comprehensive educational programs, courses, workshops, and micro-learning sessions, one-on-one learning; professional internship program; integrated learning; and more.

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About I M



Strategic Alliance Model

I am going to continue to shake the Universe until greatness falls upon me. - Claude Garretson, author.

I M is an innovative strategic alliance of businesses and brands that leverage their core competencies to deliver integrated, holistic, robust organizational, professional, and personal development solutions.

The idea for I M was born in 2004 as part of the growth strategy for a retail store, Field of Dreams. It was as an entrepreneurial venture to co-locate multiple businesses with a common theme...personal, professional, and organizational development. Unfortunately, it did not happened. In 2015, the founder who is a parallel entrepreneur, consultant, instructor, and brand developer decided to breathe life into the idea again. This time the objective was to do more than co-locate the businesses but to develop an innovative and integrated approach to delivering seamless personal, professional, and business solutions to serve as a unified source for clients.

I M alliance is comprised of personal, professional, and business development entities that include business and technology consulting firms, educational providers, entrepreneurial/innovation management, talent management, health & wellness, literaray management. I M also includes other businesses, brands, programs and services.

As I M grows, it remains committed to building an "talent & opportunity distribution" infrastructure. What does that mean? As we develop our businesses and brands we build an educational component and infrastructure for others to develop and unleash their talents.

Our strategic intent is driven by a vision to be the major provider of integrated human and organizational development resources delivered through physical and vitural channels, platforms and venues; and a mission to develop an organizational ecosystem where collaboration, consideration and exceptionalism thrive creating an environment to develop the best in everyone! I M of the belief that to make an entity great, begins with having exceptional people.

I M brands are at various stages of business development. Each brand is continuously evolving with a unified purpose that is aligned with I M's vision and purpose. I M striving to become the prominent source for personal, professional, and organizational development products and services.

Using Mr. Garretson's words - I M going to shake the Universe until greatness falls upon us all!

I M Possible Mall (I M) is managed by TWG Private Capital.

I M News

Entrepreneurship Development


Sketched on a Napkin's Entrepreneurial Development Program (EDP)
EDP assists individuals in transforming their ideas into a business enterprise. DCP develops entrepreneurs with a “cooperative competition” (aka coopetition) business mindset. Coopetition is an unconventional collaboration and cooperation model performed between competitors. Our model is based on a framework of business development and value creation through “sharing and collaborating” along a competitive trajectory. Participants gain an understanding of the social, intellectual and economic benefits of achieving and maintaining a thriving, diverse, business community and network.

Career Preparation


eblackwidow launched its Internship Program
Christine Erickson, a current learner in Heuristic Learning's Data Science Professional Program was selected to intern as a a Business Systems Analyst. Christine is a former physics teacher who is looking forward to becoming a data analysis professional. Chris has since gone on to join a major retailer as a data analyst!

Keith McComb, also a current learner in Heuristic Learning's Data Science Professional Program. He was selected to intern as a Database Analyst. Keith is a former Information Technology Technician who is looking forward to becoming a data analysis professional.

Heuristic Learning launched its Instructor Development Program to prepare HL learners to become HL instructors.
Juliana Mehta is currently participating in the program and upon completion she will be instructing her first class in the 1st quarter of 2017. Juliana has recently joined a prominent healthcare provider as a project coordinator!

Heuristic Learning launched the Professional Executive Program that provides one-on-one customized education.

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I M working hard to make the world a better place for all!

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