Milestone: Over 100 brands dedicated to maximizing human potential!

Welcome to I M Possible Mall (I M), a single source of diverse education and empowerment resources for personal, professional, and organizational development. I M’s portfolio offers different forms of education, training, and development resources and platforms to meet the different needs and preferences of individuals and organizations.

Inside the Mall

I M offers workshops, mastermind classes, conventional courses, and programs; in-person and online; and instructor-led and self-paced. The Mall offers personal/life, professional, and business/entrepreneur coaching. We also provide business and technology consulting and other business services such as talent development an employment placement. We host engagement & empowerment events to cultivate collaboration. We offer books, book clubs, motivational and inspirational products. A new I M entity is currently developing its initial interactive cognitive game designed to develop creativity and collaboration.

A Different Kind of Mall

We are not a mall of consumption but one of growth and development. Much like a typical shopping mall, I M is comprised of multiple, independent businesses. The major difference is that all of the businesses are owned and managed by a single entity which gives I M the ability to leverage the core competencies of each business. The results are holistic, integrated strategies allowing I M to adapt and adjust to meet the needs of the market. I M’s integrated IT platform integrates the system from individual businesses to manage the individual – team – organizational engagement across multiple businesses.

I M a values-driven enteprise with the purpose of driving improvement, change, and transformation through education, experiences, and exposure.

We Believe In You

We provide interships in many of our businesses as means to assist in the growth of those who are beginning thier careers or transitioning to a new career. We offer venues for professionals and business owners to share their knowledge which furthers their growth and promotes their profession or business. We provide the opportunity to showcase them in our digital magazine On the Verge which gives the national exposure. We offer these benefits because we believe in those who are committed to their own growth.

I M sponsors challenges to promote reading, and holistic health and wellness to encourage our “whole-person” development philosophy; and to support the environment.

I M proud to begin providing resources to inspire and engage young people to learn and care about humanity and the environment.

I M proud to support African-American owned businesses with the launching of Black Mall. Black Mall was created to assist African-American owned businesses during COVID-19 pandemic.

Our commitment to make a positive impact has led the launching of I M University to manage our corporate social responsibility and social, economic, and environmental sustainability initiatives; and I M Cooperative to support the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I M the actualization of one person's vision to positively change the world. To learn more read About Us.

In pursuit to fulfill our mission I M launching two new entities:

I M Cooperative ( I M C) and I M University (I M U)

On the Verge

On the Verge (OTV), is our digital publication dedicated to individual and organizational preparation and accomplishment. OTV focuses on bringing out the best in you by providing content and resources to guide your personal, professional and business development. OTV promotes individuals who are pursuing their passion and are on the verge of their big breakthrough. OTV also serves as venue for inspirational and educational writers who want to share their thoughts and words.

OTV brings you to the edge but it is up to you to take the leap. Strive to be on the verge of your next accomplishment.

After many months of being down due to the pandemic, OTV is planning on returning!

Excellence creates capacity. The more you grow the further you go. Grow with us as we challenge one another to align with our passion and grow into our purpose. Be part of Field of Dreams Grow & Go - Read to Suceed Challenge. Your participation will do more than lead to your growth, it will help young learners grow, and grow the environment. Join the Read to Succeed Challenge and we all will grow together!

Business Development

Business Development

I M business development entities provide resources to start, manage and grow your organization.

Professional Development

Professional Development

I M professional development entities provide relevant end-to-end education and training resources to develop a high-performing workforce.

Personal Development

Personal Development

I M personal development entities provide resources for life-management

Business Development


I M experiential entities deliver memorable expriences. Cruises, brunches, outdoor activities, etc.

I M Here for You!

Words to inspire you or make you smile.



I M programs extend our education, professional development, and employment services to prepare professionals for the changing needs of businesses.

Motivational Products

Empowerment Events

I M hosts a series of CARD events to empower individuals and to foster collaborative achievement relationships.

Book Clubs

I M book clubs inspire growth and development through reading and knowledge sharing. I M also host corporate book clubs for employment development.

Motivational Products

Motivational Products

I M offers inspirational, motivational, development products for sales. I M products include books, postcards, t-shirts, mugs, and other products.




Coaching Services

Community Development

  • IMmunity for our Community
  • One Child One Village
  • Wear With You
  • Generation Xceptional
  • Mentor-Ship



  • I M a Creator
  • I M COOL


Games (Cognitive)

  • Cogitare Games
  • Dare Imaginare


Health & Wellness



  • I M Gold Partners

Personal Development


Technology Services

I M still building so pardon our construction as you enter the Mall.

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