Coaching, Consulting, Classes, Workshops, Engagement & Empowerment Events and more for your personal, professional, and organizational growth & development.

Welcome to I M Possible Mall (I M). I M the first of its kind! I M is a network of collaborative independent businesses. I M serves as a single source of integrated education, encouragement, and empowerment resources for personal, professional, and organizational growth and development. I M the place where leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, high achievers, and those seeking self-realization come for continuous learning and holistic growth.

I M provides resources along the growth and development continuum for individuals and organizations from goal-setting to productivity skills to organizational strategy to health & wellness to entrepreneur development, etc. Our services are delivered via classes, workshops, one-on-one & grouping coaching, consulting, books, etc. Personal, professional growth and development are now intertwined with health and wellness which is intertwined with organizational performance, productivity and success. I M integrated solutions align individual and organizational growth and development strategies.

Why I M Here

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), an era of emerging digital technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Video Streaming, etc.) is upon us and it is driving change to occur at an exponential rate engulfing us personally and professionally. Social and political unrest, and environmental and climate changes increase the level of uncertainty. The boundary between our personal and professional lives has evaporated forcing us to learn how to balance them. Individuals and organizations must embrace change and uncertainty to be successful. Collectively we must aspire to improve, change, and transform to meet all challenges. We must view these challenges as opportunities to grow.

I M Committed

I M committed to assisting organizations with developing social, economic, and environmental sustainability practices through our non-profit I M University (I M U). I M U develops sustainable strategies and frameworks to assist businesses in becoming socially, economically and environmentally conscious. I M U is the expansion of our commitment to improvement, change, and transformation to the environment.

Business Development

Business Development

I M business development entities provide resources to start, manage and grow your organization.

Professional Development

Professional Development

I M professional development entities provide relevant end-to-end education and training resources to develop a high-performing workforce.

Personal Development

Personal Development

I M personal development entities provide resources for life-management

Business Development


I M experiential entities deliver memorable expriences. Cruises, brunches, outdoor activities, etc.

I M Here for You!

Words to inspire you or make you smile.



I M programs extend our education, professional development, and employment services to prepare professionals for the changing needs of businesses.

I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness

I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness

I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness promotes a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Motivational Products

Empowerment Events

I M hosts a series of CARD events to empower individuals and to foster collaborative achievement relationships.

Book Clubs

I M book clubs inspire growth and development through reading and knowledge sharing. I M also host corporate book clubs for employment development.

I M in Motion!

I M WELL Holistic Health and Wellness platform that serves to educate, encourage, and empower individuals to own their health! Our sessions are led by credentialed professionals and many of the sessions are virtual and free. Let's get better together!

Go & Grow Program encourages people to read while simultaneously empowering children and adults to reconnect with nature through gardening and supporting local community gardens.

The Power of Now - Join our Facebook group hosted by MD Consulting and Coaching to learn what it means to maximize your power of now.


On the Verge (OTV) our digital magazine will return after a two year hiatus. Due to the COVID shutdown we were force to pivot our resources causing us to cease the publication of OTV. We are happy to announce that I M planning on relaunching OTV this spring. I M seeking content providers to provide uplifting and encouraging content. If you are interested, reach out to us via our contact page.

I M huMAN, Men's Empowerment Network serves to mentor, coach, lead, and embrace one another as men as we continue on life's journey. I M huMAN provides the environment to allow men to replace the sterotypical male ego with authentic confidence. I M huMAN serves men of all ages with the resources and comraderie to grow in all aspects of their life. In a time where male destructive behavior is prevalent, male college enrollment is declining, and gender roles rapidly changing, men must confront these realities and learn to adjust, adapt, and find purpose and meaning in their role as men. Men aged out of the groups such as sport team, military, or fraternities that may have served as a resource to express issues on our mind and heart. I M huMAN serves as a community for men to lead men, to discuss life challenges (health, relationships, career, etc.), and to evolve to become better a huMAN.

YES - Youth Entrepreneur Showcase. We prepared to launch our initial YES in 2020 but unfortunately, COVID said "no". Our intention is to see it through in 2022. Say YES to YES!

Manifestation of a Vision. I M in the early phase of actualizing the initial I M vision of a physical mall. The physical mall will encompass some of the virtual brands and offerings but will mainly include businesses that are not part of the virtual model. Everything gets created twice, once in someone's IMagination then again when it becomes tangible. Herein lies the power of ideation and imagination.




Coaching Services

Community Development



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Games (Cognitive)

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Technology Services

I M still building so pardon our construction as you enter the Mall.

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