Business Development - Consulting

Business Development

Strategy Consulting

StrategicIsite is a strategic management firm that focuses on transformational strategy to realign organizations to deliver value to their stakeholdersustomers and employees; and with entrepreneurial start-ups.

Business Development

Healthcare Consulting

MD Healthcare Management Solutions is a full-service healthcare consulting and analytics firm that assists physicians and providers of service with transitioning to value-based care, improving clinical integration and enhancing financial performance.

Business Development

Talent Management Consulting

ANEW Professional is a talent management and human resources consulting firm that provides our clients with developing and executing their talent management strategy including talent acquisition..

Business Development

Technology Consulting

eblackwidow provides your enterprise with data management and analysis services from collection to visualization. We assist you with developing a data strategy and governance to ensure that your stakeholders are provided with quality data to drive decision-making.

Technology Solutions

Software Solutions

Performance Management

Xcellere Professional Performance Management (XPPM) is a web-based e-Learning and assessment application. XPPM was created by I M companies, eblackwidow and Heuristic Learning.

Software Solutions

Strategic Management

futuri is a web-based strategic management application that manages the alignment between enterprise strategy, projects and resources. futuri was created by I M companies, eblackwidow and StrategicIsite.

Software Solutions

For Small Businesses & Groups

Kensho Solutions will be returning soon. Kensho develops custom software solutions using Microsoft Office technologies for small businesses and groups. Kensho Solutions was acquired by eblackwidow.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Executive Education

Strategos Academy provides executives and entrepreneurs leadership, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurial professional development. You will gain the ability to strategically lead your organization or team to create and deliver.

Professional Development

Operations Staff Education

Heuristic Learning provides enterprise business and technology professional development that includes Data Science, Project Management, and Business Analysis programs. We create customized curriculum designed specifically for your enterprise.

Professional Development

Conversational Learning / Micro-Learning

Coffee Cup Conversations provides an alternative path to learning. We deliver micro-learning that focuses on individual topics in short sessions. Excellent approach to acquiring and applying knowledge.

Professional Development

Customized Capstone Projects

APEX CAPSTONE is the premiere resource for the continuous development of professionals.

Professional Development

Professional Coaching

Professional Executive Program provides skills, personal, professional, executive, and entrepreneur coaching.

Professional Development

Business and Education Alliance

Professional Education Network (PEN) is a business and education integrator of programs and services.

Professional Development

Book Club

Executive Suite is a book club delivered to organizations that focuses on improving employee's knowledge on leadership and strategy. Books, participant materials, and facilitation materials are provided. Managed by Strategos Academy.

Entrepreneur Development

Professional Development

Entrepreneurship Education

Sketched on a Napkin provides you an environment and resources to transform your ideas into reality. Our entrepreneurial culture fosters an environment of creative collaboration where you think, learn, teach and share.

Entrepreneur Development

Book Club

Minding My Business is an entrepreneurial book club that focuses on entrepreneur development. This book club is part of our Knowledge Network.

Personal Development

Personal Development

Life Management Products

Field of Dreams provides life management resources, motivational and inspiration products, and other resources for your personal development.

Personal Development

Transformational Program

Escape Velocity is an intense, holistic personal transformational program.

Personal Development


I M Making Cent$ is a provider of financial education to assist individuals with managing money, investing, and building wealth.

Personal Development

Health & Wellness

Two Fit To Quit partners with your organization to design and develop health and wellness programs. A healthier organization is more productive, performs better, has higher morale, and is likely to reduce health-related expenses.

Personal Development

Knowledge Network

Pursuit of Greatness establishes recommended practices and actions to maximize the performance of I M knowledge sharing groups such as our classes, workshops, master mind/ideation groups, networking events, book clubs, etc.

Personal Development

Book Club

Achievers Book Club focuses on reading personal development and empowerment books. This book club is part of our Knowledge Network.


Professional Development

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning™ provides the learner the opportunity to participate on a cross-functional team comprised of learners from other I M learning programs. Learners are challenged to apply their classroom learning, knowledge and professional experience as a member of a self-directedcross-functional team with the objective to produce a solution to a business challenge. The learner serves as a subject matter expert (SME) for their respective team. This is a PEN managed program.

Professional Development

Professional Internship

The Bridge Program™ provides professional-level internships to learners to prepare them for employment or entrepreneurship. Learners have the opportunity to enhance their resume with relevant experience. The program is purposely designed to bridge classroom learning with business application. Learners are assigned to actual business and/or technology projects to further enhance their subject matter expertise. This is a PEN managed program.

Professional Development

Professional Internship

The Sequel Program™ provides tuition funds to individuals to enroll in a PEN partner professional development program. When a learner is placed by ANEW Professional, a portion of the placement fees paid to ANEW is placed in a tuition fund. The newly placed learner has the option to select an unemployed/underemployed individual to utilize those allocated funds toward tuition for a PEN partner professional development.

Relationship Building


Reverse Networking

The Opportunity Brokers thrive on connecting people to their possibilities through sharing opportunities. TOBrokers are highly-driven networkers who are committed to making things happen for others.


Learning Network

HL360 is a community of Heuristic Learning learners who share their knowledge and network.


Entrepreneur Network

Sketched on a Napkin Entrepreneur Network (SON-EN) provides a forum, resources and events for existing, new, and soon-to-be entrepreneurs. SON-EN hosts All About the Notes, Taste them, Take them workshop and wine tasting events.

Empowerment Events

Personal Development

Empowerment Event

Power Brunch consist of cuisine, content, collaboration, and exercises to empower individuals. Sponsored by Taste Me Please, an I M Brand.

Growth & Development

Workshop Series

All About the Notes, Take them, Taste them is a series of personal, professional, and entrepreneurial workshops blended with a wine tasting, cocktails, mocktails learning experience. Events are coordinated by Virgin Tongue.



Yacht Charters

Relation Ships Yacht Charters is a unique cruise company providing business, professional, and personal development theme charters combining education and training with an experiential event. Relation Ships also provides charters for special life events, miletones, and celebrations.



Taste Me Please creates and caters unique themed events blending cuisine and conversation. Taste Me Please hosts the Power Brunch empowerment event.


Beverage Catering

Virgin Tongue creates unique cocktails, mocktails, healthy smoothies and other beverages. Virgin Tongue provides skilled bartendars for your events and will hosts specialty events such as sangria-making parties for you. Do something different for your family and friends.


Deep Sea Excursions

4Reel is a forum to inspire more people to enjoy the experience of fishing; for anglers to share their stories and knowledge; and to support and encourage others to support the preservation and protection of our oceans, rivers, bays and other bodies of water.




4Reel annually hosts a theme (Mentor-Ship, Friend-Ship) deep-sea fishing excursion to grant exposure to fishing on the ocean waters. We encourage people to come out with family and friends. Bring a young person and expose them to the beauty of nature.

Business Services

Content Development

Written Content

I Had a Happy Productions is a literary management and content development firm. We assist you in developing your literary works or creating your content.

Content Development

Audio/Video Content

1 Song Media provides audio and video content to I M brands. (1 = Uni Song = Verse Media = Communication)



Digital Magazine

On the Verge (OTV) is a digital magazine dedicated to growth and development and pursuing their passion. OTV serves as the a single marketing and communication channel for all of I M brands.



Share a Byte was developed by eblackwidow to share information about data, data science, and data careers with data professionals.



Sea, You & Me recaps the 4Reel deep sea fishing excursions experiences with participants and others. Written from 4Reel's brand icon, Nauti-Man.

Cultural / Arts


Poetic & Musical Expression

Poet Tree Cafe makes it easy for you to support the arts by bringing the arts to your organization. Host an "open mic" to increase patrons in your eatery, showcase paintings to jazz up your lobby, or treat your employees to sounds of live music.

Social & Environmental

Real Estate


Red Brick Projects is a community-focused real estate investment firm concentrating in the development of eco-friendly properties in distressed communities. Our strategy is to revitalized underserved communities by simultaneously developing affordable residential and commercial properties.


Defending Our Waters

4Reel and Relation Ships Yacht Charters have constructed and stand on PIER Principles: Promote, Inpsire, Educate, and Respect. Promote water-related activities. Inspire people to experience the beauty and serenity of our waters. Educate people on how to enjoy and protect our waters. Encourage people to Respect our bodies of water.

Social Responsibility


I M University (I M U) is a nonprofit, non-accredited education entity within the I M Possible brand portfolio. I M U serves multiple purposes which include but not limited to: Overseeing I M corporate social responsiblity; Establish partnerships between I M brands and organizations promoting social causes; Launching innovative social entrepreneurship programs; Seeking and teaching new innovative concepts to elevate human potential (e.g. science (quantum physics) and spirituality; counter-clockwise studies; and to inspire a movement to eradicate poverty and hunger, and to protect our environment. I M U will assist organizational leaders with developing mindful, human-centered organizations.

About I M


Our Mission: To transform lives through education, exposure, and experiences.

It has been stated that the two most powerful words in any language is "I AM". I M believes that to be true which is why I M here.

I M a collaborative alliance with the purpose and commitment to provide individuals, organizations, communities the means to bring about positive change, improvement and transformation through education, experiences and exposure.

The I M alliance is comprised of personal, professional, and business development entities and serves as a single source of integrated personal, professional, business development products, services, and resources. I M is the first network with this many entities having a unified mission.

I M still growing toward our vision to be the largest provider of integrated personal, professional, business development products, resources, and services.

I M making a world a better place.

I M My Own Reward

I M My Own Reward

I M launching a loyalty program "I M My Own Reward" to acknowledge our appreciation for your continuous business and dedication to investing in yourself. The points you receive augments the return-on-investment (ROI) in you. You receive points when you purchase products or services from any I M business; attend a fee-based I M event; participate in a free I M event; or purchase services or products from one of I M partners. You are automatically enrolled when you purchase any products or services from I M or register for any I M event.

I M News

Power of I M

I M showing you how this integrated business model works. Several I M businesses have partnered to deliver a client an integrated development solution.

The project is being led by StrategicIsite consultants who are responsible for formulating and executing a transformational strategy to completely rebrand and restructure the business. StrategicIsite is also responsible for providing the single point of contact referred to as a Strategic Program Management Consultant who manages the integration of partner services.

ANEW Professional is providing the human resources (HR) consulting to develop and implement HR policies and procedures and performing the talent (employee) acquisition and placement activities.

MD Healthcare Management Solutions will be managing the growth in services and credentialing process.

eblackwidow is providing the technology consulting to support the transformation strategy and healthcare back-office operations.

Professional Executive Program is delivering the personal and professional development education and training, staff coaching services, and employee book clubs, utilizing products and materials from Heuristic Learning, Strategos Academy, and Field of Dreams.

The benefits to the client:

  • Stress free experience
  • Single point of contact
  • Integration Management
  • Single source billing
  • Partnering with educated, experience professionals

When a couple of our brand leaders wanted to send "thank you" gifts to our clients, Field of Dreams partnered with Love Expressions to produce a series of baskets: 'Thank-Full, Great-Full, and Success-Full. The baskets include motivational and inspirational products along with logo cookies made by Summer's Smart Cookies, and Affirmation Mugs designed by I M and produced by Tochele Designs.

When Taste Me Please, hosted and catered its Power Brunch empowerment event, Summer's Smart Cookies provided logo and other cookies; My Sweet Experience catered the desserts; and Love Expressions designed and produced the promotional give-away bags. Books were provided by Field of Dreams - Achievers Book Club.

The owners of Love Expressions, Summer's Smart Cookies and My Sweet Experience are entrepreneurs in the I M - Sketched on a Napkin Entrepreneur Development Program. This is the Power of I M!

I M helping others to grow too!

Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk
Time to Walk the Talk! Time to take action and step into your future. Join Too Fit to Quit to improve your health and wellness by exercising, conversing about your goals, socializing, and networking. Take in the serenity and enjoy the camaraderie. Most importantly just show up, your health depends on it. Walk at your own pace. If walking is a challenge then come for the progressive conversation and serenity.

Like all I M brand events, it is all about progressive conversation, collaboration, and action.

Coming to a park or beach near you!

Workshop & Wine Tasting

All About the Notes - Take them, Taste them
All About the Notes - Take them, Taste them was held on March 26, 2019. Over twenty people attended. The topic, "Transforming your idea into a business." Wine was provided by Total Wines. Desserts were catered by My Sweet Experience and perfectly complimented the wines. Giveaway baskets were provided by Love Expressions.

All About the Notes are workshops blended with wine tasting events that provide an opportunity to learn, network, and socialize with entrepreneurs. Each session features a different topic. Join our email list to be notified of the next one.

Coaching Services

Professional Executive Program
Professional Executive Program (PEP) has become its own entity. PEP originally began in 2017 as a partnership between Heuristic Learning and Professional Education Network. The purpose of PEP was to provide skills coaching that included individualized education which allowed the learner to actively participate in developing their own professional development plan (PDP) to meet their short- and long-term career and education goals. PEP has now expanded its coaching services to include Career, Business, and Executive, Entrepreneur coaching.

Empowerment Event

Power Brunch
Cuisine - Conversation - Collaboration
Taste Me Please hosted its Power Brunch™ on January 26, 2019. There were about 25 people in attendance. Great cuisine and conversation.

Power Brunch™ is a structured, facilitated, interactive event to foster positive, progressive dialogue and ideas to empower one another with their personal, professional and/or business growth. Power Brunch™ includes interactive exercises and attendees received Power Kit which including a personal/professional development book. Power Brunch™ is designed for individuals who are committed to progressing and growing. Connect with Power Brunch™ on Facebook. Join our email list to be notified of the next one.


Entrepreneurship Development


Entrepreneurial Development Program (EDP)
Sketched on a Napkin EDP assists individuals in transforming their ideas into a business enterprise. EDP develops entrepreneurs with a “cooperative competition” (aka coopetition) business mindset. Coopetition is an unconventional collaboration and cooperation model performed between competitors. Our model is based on a framework of business development and value creation through “sharing and collaborating” along a competitive trajectory. Participants gain an understanding of the social, intellectual and economic benefits of achieving and maintaining a thriving, diverse, business community and network. Join our email list to be notified of the next class.

Career Preparation


eblackwidow launched its Internship Program
Christine Erickson, a current learner in Heuristic Learning's Data Science Professional Program was selected to intern as a a Business Systems Analyst. Christine is a former physics teacher who is looking forward to becoming a data analysis professional. Chris has since gone on to join a major retailer as a data analyst!

Keith McComb, also a current learner in Heuristic Learning's Data Science Professional Program. He was selected to intern as a Database Analyst. Keith is a former Information Technology Technician who is looking forward to becoming a data analysis professional.

Heuristic Learning launched its Instructor Development Program to prepare HL learners to become HL instructors.
Juliana Mehta is currently participating in the program and upon completion she will be instructing her first class in the 1st quarter of 2017. Juliana has recently joined a prominent healthcare provider as a project coordinator!

On The Verge

Current issue

Receive OTV digital magazine. Learn tips on jumpstarting your personal and professional development, improving your career, starting a business, goal-setting and other relevant content. Keep abreast of I M businesses, brands, products, services and offers.

Previous issues Digital PDF

I M Calendar

Did you know?

I M working hard to make the world a better place for all!

From the Creator of I M

Thank you for visiting I M Possible Mall, a unique business model for providing personal, professional, business development resources. As you can see, I M is still growing and maturing. I M continuously improving each brand and the overall business integration. Making this happen has been a continuous challenge of strategic repositioning, aligning and (re)branding. I M not seeking perfection but I M seeking to be.

This venture required me to have a different entrepreneurial mindset than I had with previous ventures. I had to learn to let go. I had to not seek perfection or completion before launching any of the businesses, products, services, etc. Those familiar with "agile methodology" or "minimun viable product model" can probably relate. It took a bit of time and nudging from those on the team for me to adjust to this new way of thinking. I come from an era where your plan had to be complete and your letters dotted and crossed. All I can say is, "in most scenarios you can let those thoughts go!" Things are moving too rapidly to seek perfection before showing up. Don't seek to be perfect. Seek to be.

This venture began as an entrepreneurial challenge with about 5 brands. It has since evolved into over 35 brands. It has taken on a life of its own and is continuously evolving. I've learned and applied more during this journey than in all of my previous ventures, corporate consulting projects, and all the classes I've taught...combined. I've become a better consultant and instructor as a result of this venture. But it is the simple things that I have learned that are the most profound, valuable, and powerful.

Here are a few bits of the things I've learned:

Just start walking. Over the years, I've shared this phrase with students, mentees, and clients. When in doubt start seeking answers and clarity. Read books, surf the internet, talk to people, take classes, go to events, etc. Do whatever...just do something. Clarity is knowing what you want but it is also knowing what you do not want. Searching for anything requires looking through all the things you are not seeking. Einstein said, "Nothing happens until something moves." You have to move. You have to take action.

Where do I start? I've been asked this question numerous times. The answer is simple. Right from where you are because you cannot start from any other place. Don't over complicate matters.

In nature, nothing goes to waste. Everything you've learned and experienced, will come into use including the "bad" experiences. You just have to be open to total self-expression.

Learn to connect the dots. Everyone you meet, every idea that pops into your head, every experience, etc. is presented to you for you to use. You may not be consciously aware of the purpose in that moment but do not discount or discard the future possibilities.

Stagnation is unnatural. Everything in the Universe, Nature, our bodies is in perpetual motion. Everything in Nature participates and contributes. Everything serves a purpose every day. You must be do the same.

Ignore the spectators & critics. In all the beauty that engulfs us, you will not find anything with the purpose of being a spectator or critic. Choose not to live you life as a spectator. Choose to ignore the critics.

Ideas are powerful! Victor Hugo said, "Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come." Everything began with a thought, an idea. Don't discount any of your ideas but the ideas do not become valuable until you take action. It is your actions that defines "the time has come". Not sure who said this but it is absolutely true, "No idea was born perfect." Expecting an idea, even if you think it is good or great to be perfect is unrealistic. Ideas have to be nurtured and challenged. This means you have to work and put forth effort.

Enjoy the journey. If you are truly motivated and inspired the journey will forever continue. So you better do what you love, surround yourself with like-minded people whom you like, and learn to have fun.

I M Here for you!

Thanks for stopping by.

"Everything I've been and everything I choose to be is who I am." - Claude Garretson

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