Essential skills gap has been widening globally for several years, creating great concern amongst CEOs and HR professionals. Filling this gap demands active participation by organizational leadership, HR, and individuals.

I M a believer that exceptional teaching requires that you "inspire then instruct”. Inspiring individuals to learn improves the quality and quantity of their learning. Learners of any age learn more when they are inspired and that inspiration is the result of the learner having and knowing their purpose for what they are learning. We provide organizations strategy for engaging their employees

It is crucial that we become infinite learners. There are many free and low-cost resources available to increase your knowledge and develop new skills. Unfortunately, there are many who do not take advantage of these resources even though new knowledge and skills can improve their relevancy, ability to adapt in changing times, and overall well-being.

Infinite Learning (Continuous Learning)

Becoming and remaining relevant as individuals and organizations rest up continuous learning, or also known as infinite learning. We provide a variety of platforms and venues for learning and we increase the rate of learning from linear to exponential by implementing a few practices centered on collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We create a respectful learning environment by having our learners read and agree to heed our Pursuit of Greatness governance for knowledge sharing prior to participating in any of our classes, programs, or engagement events.

Personal, Professional, Organizational, Community Development

To assist you in your learning, I M provides a portfolio of resources dedicated to education and engagement for your growth. In addition we elevate your success with our VIP Model (Visibility, Influence, Perception) by providing venues to give you visibility to influence others to establish and define the perception of you and your brand.

Engagement & Education

Strategos Academy

Executive Development

If you want to succeed, you must read. Reading keeps your mind stimulated, your imagination alive, and your knowledge overflowing. It improves your analytical thinking skills on point and improves your focus and concentration.

Heuristic Learning

Operational Development

I M and our education & training providers are hosting online coursesa from diet & nutrition to Microsoft Office to Strategy for profit and non-profit organizations. We are providing resources for your continuous learning and professional development.

Coffee Cup Conversations


Go & Grow - Read to Succeed Challenge inspires and engages progressive minds and empathetic hearts to take action through the art of reading and aiding the environment. I M daring you to spend more time with your face in a book than on Facebook.

Sketched on a Napkin

Entrepreneur Development

SON's mission is to inspire and develop creativity and innovation for entrepreneur development. Our goal is to increase the number of entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Technology for Mature Professionals

generationT is technology education for the mature crowd who want to elevate their technology knowledge. Join us on online class trips to experience technology courses. Further broaden your knowledge by participating in group discussions lead by your gT facilitation coach.

Master Classes

Ideas, Creativity, Innovation

Master Classes deliver more than content, they offer a unique educational experience. These classes are delivered by several I M education and training providers and focus on developing skills recommended by the The World Economic Formum.

Apex Capstone

Multifaceted Interdisciplinary Projects

APEX CAPSTONE is the premiere resource for the continuous professional development to challenge a professional's knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) for the purpose of developing and implementing business solutions.

All About the Notes


AATN Take them, Taste them Mastermind Workshops focus progressive topics to move you forward like wealth building, finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and professional development. AATN are complemented with a wine tasting.

Vine & Verse


I M committed to providing platforms to promote your talent, expertise, and endeavors. Vine & Verse is a venue for authors and writers to promote their works and share their journey with others.

Power Brunch™


Cuisine, Conversations, Collaboration. Power Brunch™ is a personal/professional development event that combines conversation and content that leads to collaboration along with cuisine. It is a faciliated, structured, interactive event designed for individuals who want to progress and grow.

I M Here for You!

Words to make you think and feel.

I M Here for You!

I M Ready to Teach

Your growth, success, future and legacy depends on you. What you do today determines your options tomorrow from your health to your career to living your dream. There is an old saying, 'The best way to create the future is to create it."

Are you ready to learn?