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An I M Possible Mall Brand
About Infinite Learner
There are no boundaries to your learning as you can always expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities. With the rapid pace of change, it is imperative that we are life-long learners. Continuous learning strengthens your ability to remain relevant and to adapt to these changes.
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I M proud to announce that we have hit a milestone and crossed the threshold of 100 brands dedicated to education and engagement for the purpose of personal, professional, organizational, and community development. This is the result of an abundant, growth mindset.

This has been and continues to be a challenge in parallel entrepreneurship, business, technology, creativity, learning, experimentation, failure, persistence, pain, and purpose just for starters. I M not perfect. There remains plenty of work to complete the brand integration to ensure a seamless shopping mall experience for our customers and a unified delivery of multiple business services to our corporate clients. It's not about perfection. It's about progress.

I M thankful to have assisted others in their pursuit by developing and/or showcasing their intellect, talents, and abilities; and providing professional opportunities. This will continue to expand as the businesses scale.

I M about to hit the knee of the curve! If you are not familiar with the term then you may want to become part of the growth movement.

As long as I M here to experience a new day then I M not done! Some may think I M a crazy idea and they may be right but I M thankful to be perceived as such because I M giving something of value to others. Look for the upcoming interview about the building of the I M enterprise and the next phase.

Darin C. Wright
The Wright Group Private Capital Firm

Accelerate Your Learning!
Here are few actions for accelerated learning. Continuous learning keeps you relevant in your profession and your business. Learning exercises your brain which is crucial as we age. The more we challenge our brain the more resilient it becomes. In changing times the skill of "learning to learn" is more valuable than simply knowing. Here are a few suggestions to maximize your learning:
  1. Expand your learning beyond a specific subject or area.
  2. Use different modes (read, listen, watch) to learn.
  3. Apply what you learn.
  4. Teach others what you learn in a simple manner.
  5. Test yourself on what you learned.
  6. Take notes as you go.
  7. Take notes by hand.
  8. Converse with others about the subject.
  9. Learn in short bursts of time.
  10. Growth Mindset

This Week's Notable Books for Your Growth

For Strategists:
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For Power Learners:
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What is the most valuable business asset?
For many years, machines and equipment were once considered the most valuable assets for business growth. The economy, means of production, and output have changed, altering what every business regardless of size should invest to scale the business and sustain a competitive advantage.

In 2020, what do you believe is the most valuable asset for organizations of any size and why?

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Collaborative Conversations.
Looking for instructors, coaches, and consultants.

There will be a demand for business and community services as part of the COVID-19 economic recovery phase. There will be opportunities to provide old services and new services to meet the changes in how we live. Entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches are creative, solution-oriented, strategic-driven professionals. Like with most crises, this one will change the way we live. This will create opportunities to provide creative, innovative, and quality services, products, and solutions. Are you ready?

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Show You Care and Share

I M HERE to serve as portal to share pertinent information, knowledge, opportunities and other resources to assist people during these turbulent times.
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Upcoming Coaching Session
Transforming Trials into Triumphs - Positioning Yourself for a New Normal
This session will inspire you to take charge of your life and change the trajectory from tragedy to triumphs.

Instructor: Mitchell Slade, MBA, CLC
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Upcoming MasterMind Session
The Ideation Journey - Learn how to move your ideas forward
Everything you see made by humans from a paper clip to spacecraft all began with a idea in someone's mind. Join this micro-learning session to learn how entrepreneurs and innovators generate ideas.

Instructor: Darin C. Wright, EMTM
Cost: Free

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In uncertain times as these, I M more assured of our mission and purpose.
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