There will be a demand for business and community services as part of the COVID-19 economic recovery phase. There will be opportunities to provide old services and new services to meet the changes in how we live.

Healthcare professionals will eventually be relieved of their role of healing us and they will pass the baton. While scientists diligently work to develop a vaccine and cure, those of us capable of rebuilding the economy, communities, and individual lives must step up with the same commitment and dedication. We must do what we can to heal a wounded economy. How do we do it?

Entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches are creative, solution-oriented, strategic-driven professionals. Like with most crises, this one will change the way we live. This will create opportunities to provide creative, innovative, and quality services, products, and solutions. As a single source of integrated services including consulting, education and training, coaching services, employee placement, and sustainability frameworks, the I M business model is an excellent resource for partnering with government agencies at all levels to develop and deliver seamless recovery solutions.

To respond to the demand for products, services, and solutions, I M is launching I M Ready and inviting other businesses and professionals to join us.

I M Ready is an effort to create a corsortium of service providers beyond I M businesses. I M inviting small businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, trainers, coaches (life management, business, entrepreneur), and other service providers and professionals to join the consortium. The I M Ready plan is to build public-private partnerships to offer a unified, single, integrated, resource for services.

In addition to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, our talent management/employment placement firm, ANEW Professional will expand its services to include "on-demand talent" to assist organizations and professionals.

I M Ready is comprised of two high-level phases.

Phase 1: Interest
This phase is to determine the level of interest in participating in this project. There is no cost or commitment.

Phase 2: Engagement
This phase will engage those who are interested. Communication will be established for those interested outlining next steps. This communication will include email, documents, and possibly online group meetings. Those interested will be kept abreast of the progress of this effort.

Are you ready? If necessary are you ready to pivot your business to adapt to the new normal. Are you investing in improving your creativity and strategic acumen to come up with new products, services, or solutions?

This is the time to step up your offering and services to align them with the demand. This is the time to elevate your capabilities to prepare for and create new opportunities. This is the time to pick up the pace.

If you are interested in participating in I M Ready please provide your name and email address on the Sign Me Up form.